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How I Grew Tomatoes On My Kitchen Counter: The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden

Kitchen counter gardens are hot right now. They let you grow herbs, flowers and even some veggies with hydroponics and there are many brands and models out there. So what’s it like to use one? I received a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden as a gift for Christmas. The AeroGarden is a hydroponic growing system, meaning that it grows in water instead of… Read more »

The Milk Jug Greenhouse: Does It Work?

milkjug greenhouse with romanesco

I’ve seen several articles online this winter about the milk jug greenhouse — starting seeds in a milk jug outside before your last frost date for some winter seed starting. It all sounds so easy! The idea is that you can start seeds in these heat-holding greenhouse stand-ins outside, getting your garden going while it’s still winter. The uncapped milk… Read more »