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Pruning, Pinching And Thinning: My Garden’s New Best Friends

Pruning, pinching and thinning. Some gardeners consider these three of their least favorite words. Why does the thought of cutting a plant scare us so much, especially when all the experts say that what we’re supposed to do?  For me, it used to feel wrong to cut what you’ve coaxed to grow. It felt cruel and wasteful. I had trouble… Read more »

How To Garden If You’ve Never Grown Anything Before

Freckles romaine lettuce Botanical Interests

I saw the following question on Quora: “I am an absolute beginner in gardening — where do I start?” Becoming a gardening expert might not be in the cards for everyone, but knowing your way around a garden can relieve stress and keep you connected to nature. But how? Just do it! Everyone knows the very basics of how to… Read more »

The Pollinator-Friendly Flowers I’m Planting

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white alyssum

Last year, I had trouble with some vegetable crops (zucchini and corn) because they weren’t being pollinated. This year, I’m going to have lots of flowers to get those pollinators in my garden. This is great for me, because I’m more comfortable in the flower world. Even though I am a flower person, I’m not so familiar with a lot… Read more »

Create A Gardening Bullet Journal

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garden bullet journal

On a Twitter chat, I once heard a gardener say that she inherited a notebook full of gardening advice from her grandmother. It was full of advice on the local growing conditions, her grandmother’s tricks and tips that she’d learned over probably decades of gardening. Talk about an heirloom! That’s information that should probably be published. A gardener would sell… Read more »

5 Things I’ll Do Differently In My Vegetable Garden Next Year

Irrigation hose

I’m in the process of finishing up my first summer of vegetable gardening and I’m looking back on quite a few successes. I started in April with seeds and I grew and harvested tomatoes, peppers and zucchini in July through September. I stopped an outbreak of blossom end rot. Other things I tried were pure learning experiences. I didn’t get… Read more »

When You Accidentally Grow The Hallucinogenic Plant Jimsonweed In Your Backyard

Datura jimson weed nightshade

I can’t be the only one who has accidentally grown a hallucinogenic plant in their yard, right? Here’s how I found out what was going on in my garden container. That week, the #Gardenchat Twitter chat topic was plant identification. Participants were all talking about the plants and weeds in their yards that they needed help identifying. I didn’t think… Read more »

Ring Corsages And Succulent Cuffs: Wearable Garden Trends

Do not reuse Ring Corsage Fiona Perry Floral Design

Who wants a boring old wrist corsage when you could have one of these cool ring corsages? Lux Wedding Florist has a post sharing more on the trend. Whoa. Love it. For my birthday, Valentine’s Day. Having it with me all day long. This one is from Fiona Perry Floral Design. floral rings are the new corsage! these ring corsages are a trend… Read more »