Things I’m Trying Not To Say As I Grow Vegetables From Seed

vegetable seed starting tomato

My basement seed starting experiment was going full speed ahead. Tomato, pepper, romaine, spinach and cauliflower plants were plugging along happily when I noticed a few tiny bugs crawling around on the table under the seed trays. I identified them as clover mites, which, as I now know, love to snack on plant material. I really didn’t want to spray… Read more »

Succulent Identification: What Are These Plants?

succulent cuttings potted

It makes me crazy not knowing the names of plants I own. It is much more difficult to find care recommendations. And inevitably someone will ask me the names of these unnamed mystery plants. My lorem ipsum plants. A few weeks ago, I picked up 35 gorgeous, beautiful succulent cuttings. No names. Now I’m working on piecing together genus/species on them…. Read more »

We’re Building A Raised Garden Bed For Vegetable Gardening: Selecting The Options

Where will I plant these cucumber, squash and corn seeds? In our new raised beds.

Healthier diets! Fresh tomatoes! Less stress! Better life! There are so many benefits of gardening, so we’re building raised garden beds for growing vegetables this summer. There is a ridiculous amount of research on why gardening is good for you and here’s some of it. A study conducted in the Netherlands showed that gardening can reduce the level of the stress… Read more »

This Is What Spring Looks Like: Succulent Leaf Propagation

Pork and beans plant jelly bean plant

The colors in this photo mean spring to me. Succulents have started to grow again, and a few leaves dropped off my jelly bean plant/pork and beans plant/Sedum rubrotinctum. The plant these fell off of is about a year old and have become leggy and not so pretty. I have visions of six new healthy, strong plants dancing in my… Read more »

Birds! Birdwatching! Nature During The Winter Is Exciting!

CedarWorks Plastic Squirrel-Resistant Hopper Bird Feeder

If you could choose one, what would be your superpower? When asked the question, so many people choose flying — peacefully gliding through the sky with a view for miles. And avoiding all traffic. All along, we’ve been surrounded by creatures that already have this superpower — birds. So I’m going to investigate. I used to think birding was too slow and boring… Read more »

Lettuce Seedlings Love Grow Lights: An Update On My Fall Experiment

Romaine Freckles seedlings day 1

My lettuce seedlings are doing extremely well under grow lights. I had been having the same problem I often have with seedlings — sad, spindly growth, even after a few weeks. I put a new batch of romaine ‘Freckles’ seedlings under lights 20 days ago. Just after my last update, I noticed that the roots of the seedlings had reached the… Read more »

Using Grow Lights With Lettuce Seedlings: A Fall Test

'Freckles' romaine under lights

When I started baby spinach and romaine lettuce seeds for a fall harvest, the seedlings were spindly and sad. This has happened to me more than once while trying to start plants from seed and I never knew why. In the past, I’ve planted these sad sprouts outside (where they failed) and eventually just gave up on growing from seed…. Read more »

Tulips, Daffodils And Spring Bulbs: Getting A Jump Start On Next Spring

bulbs daffodils

Every winter, just about the time the cold, snow and grey make me want to jump out the window, I start seeing shoots of green and pops of blues, yellows and reds around the neighborhood. I want to have one of those houses with a ton of early spring flowers to help people remember that winter won’t last forever. So I bought… Read more »