Tulips, Daffodils And Spring Bulbs: Getting A Jump Start On Next Spring

Every winter, just about the time the cold, snow and grey make me want to jump out the window, I start seeing shoots of green and pops of blues, yellows and reds around the neighborhood. I want to have one of those houses with a ton of early spring flowers to help people remember that winter won’t last forever.

So I bought a lot of bulbs — tulips and daffodils. Breck’s got me with its big “Buy $100 and get $50 off” sale.

I planted a fall vegetable crop to make summer last a little longer and bought these spring bulbs to make spring start a little sooner. Anything to make winter feel as short as possible.

Red tulips and yellow daffodils are on the way.  I’ve never grown daffodils and my tulips have been semi-successful at best. Can’t wait till they arrive!

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