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Does Square Foot Gardening Work For All Crops?

When I built raised beds and started my first vegetable garden last year, I was so stoked to have the guidance of the square foot gardening method. This plant spacing theory is that you can grow lots of food in a small square space, such as a raised bed, instead of long rows. And it prescribes how many plants you… Read more »

How I Grew Tomatoes On My Kitchen Counter: The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden

Kitchen counter gardens are hot right now. They let you grow herbs, flowers and even some veggies with hydroponics and there are many brands and models out there. So what’s it like to use one? I received a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden as a gift for Christmas. The AeroGarden is a hydroponic growing system, meaning that it grows in water instead of… Read more »

How To Grow Tomatoes: What I’ve Learned

tomato plant

Whenever I think about growing tomatoes, I can’t help but remember that scene from Steel Magnolias. Ouiser tells the ladies at Truvy’s beauty parlor that she grows them only because that’s what old Southern ladies are supposed to do. She doesn’t even like them, but seems to be able to grow them with no problem. So what have I been… Read more »

Tomato Plant Problems: When Will We Get Tomatoes Already?

tomato plant, tomato flower

With any gardening project, I always seem to reach a point where I’m not sure if things are going the way they should be. It’s that moment when things have been moving along, growing, and then things start to look a little off. I wonder if I need to be doing something differently to continue successfully. Our raised vegetable garden… Read more »

How To Plant Tomatoes: Deep, Deep, Deep. Really Deep.

tomato plant

When I read about planting and growing tomatoes, books and websites say to plant them deep. So that makes me think, “OK, dig the hole a little deeper than other plants.” I learned this spring that it’s a little bit more than that. As I’ve looked more closely at photos and especially this video by Deb’s Greenhouse, I see that… Read more »