What I Googled This Week To Become A Better Gardener

are my potatoes ready to harvest…and the takeaways I’ve gleaned from the internet.

Can you eat pickling cucumbers? Yes.

Conventional vs. organic fertilizer. I’m still confused. What is the difference?

How do I know if my potatoes are ready to harvest? When flowers and stems are starting to die back. But I got this answer on Twitter from Longfield Gardens. Thank you again.

Hip Hops beer plant. Saw a picture of this hops plant from the Cultivate show coverage. I didn’t find too much information about it online, but it’s from AgriStarts.

Ron Finley Can You Dig This. RonFinley.com. Gangster gardener. Documentary is out. Limited screenings. Not available on Netflix yet.

Green mold on tops of plants. Remove it and your plants will be ok?

Part sun perennials. Astilbe is my favorite, I think. Monarda, hosta, heuchera, butterfly bush, coreopsis, yarrow, peonies (I think) are others.

Harvesting basil. Prune at the stem, don’t pick off leaves. I love articles that have the sentence, “Turns out, I did everything wrong.” Been there. Thanks, Food Renegade.

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