Instagrammers Know How To Take A Coffee Break — In The Garden

You know things are going well in someone’s garden when they sit down for a coffee break there. I think of these gardeners looking in on their tomato and zucchini plants early in the morning, before the sun and heat make coffee unappetizing. They’re relaxing and reflecting on what it takes to put together a successful garden. And sitting back and enjoying what comes from the difficult labor it takes to get there. Enjoy it, gardeners!

And the mugs make me laugh sometimes, too.

Good morning sunshine. .. .. .. .. .. #theseismybeans #gardenlove #gardencoffee #dewymorning #midwestsummer

A photo posted by Victoria Jean (@mrs.toria.pierce) on

Garden coffee☕️✨

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Singalong Junk – McCartney .. .. .. .. .. #singalongjunk #midwestsummer #gardencoffee #dewymorning #gardenlove

A photo posted by Victoria Jean (@mrs.toria.pierce) on

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