Succulent Trees: Not Just Jades Anymore

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When rosette-type succulents get leggy and stretched, what do you do with them? Chop off the healthy rosette at top and replant it, right? Maybe take the remaining leaves and propagate?

Well, I saw this post on Fat Plant Farm’s Instagram feed earlier this week that showed another alternative: removing the lower leaves, creating a tree form. Succulent trees! And it’s not just a jade tree that you’re used to seeing, but rosette trees.

And they are adorable. Fat Plant Farm is calling them mini palm trees.

It’s cute. What happens from here for these plants? Do they grow more lower leaves that you just remove? Do they grow taller and flop over? I’m curious now.

Once I started looking for these types of succulent trees, I found a few more…


Have you seen anything like this before? Maybe around Instagram and Pinterest? It’s new to me. Have you grown a succulent tree like this one? How’s it going? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @howtonaturechat.

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