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Drip Irrigation: It’s Not As Scary As It Sounds

Drip line tubing under potato plants

I just put together my first drip irrigation system in my raised bed garden and it was a great experience. I recommend it to gardeners out there who are looking to improve their outdoor gardening game, especially if you think your garden could benefit from a more regular and consistent watering pattern. I had been using a sprinkler to water… Read more »

Drip Irrigation For The Vegetable Garden: I’m Getting The Gear

Tomato plant in raised bed

One of my garden goals for 2017 is to switch over to drip irrigation for my vegetable garden raised beds. Last year, I used a tripod sprinkler, which wasted a lot of water and left me with some disease problems. I’ve been pretty intimidated at the thought of drip tubes. You basically buy all the parts to make a custom… Read more »

Garden Gift Ideas For Beginner Gardeners

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succulent dish garden

Do you have a beginner gardener to shop for this holiday season? Here are a few gardening gift ideas to generate more success in the garden or to keep a beginner gardener’s inspiration going strong through the winter. Roo Aprons Women’s clothes do not have pockets. It makes me insane. That’s why I like the big pouch in Roo Aprons…. Read more »

5 Things I’ll Do Differently In My Vegetable Garden Next Year

Irrigation hose

I’m in the process of finishing up my first summer of vegetable gardening and I’m looking back on quite a few successes. I started in April with seeds and I grew and harvested tomatoes, peppers and zucchini in July through September. I stopped an outbreak of blossom end rot. Other things I tried were pure learning experiences. I didn’t get… Read more »

The Timer Is My Most Important Garden Tool

garden timer, garden hose timer

Wrapping up my first full year of serious gardening, there’s one garden tool that stands out as the most important. Trowels and gardening gloves, sure, but what really changed my garden for the better this season was automation! I used two timers through this season and they completely changed me from an angsty gardener to a successful one. Grow Lights On… Read more »

Using Grow Lights With Lettuce Seedlings: A Fall Test

'Freckles' romaine under lights

When I started baby spinach and romaine lettuce seeds for a fall harvest, the seedlings were spindly and sad. This has happened to me more than once while trying to start plants from seed and I never knew why. In the past, I’ve planted these sad sprouts outside (where they failed) and eventually just gave up on growing from seed…. Read more »

Cleaning My Pruning Shears: Inspiration For This Website

Garden pruner sharpening and cleaning

I sharpened and cleaned my pruning shears today. I’m embarrassed to admit that this is the first time I’ve ever completed this task. Earlier this year, I was in a #gardenchat and the topic of pruning came up, including what people do wrong when they’re pruning and tool maintenance. I realized that I didn’t have a good answers for any of… Read more »