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Why I Need #HowToNature Chat…And You Might, Too

spathiphyllum on desk

I spent years as an editor at greenhouse and garden center magazines. My background was in journalism, not horticulture. I learned about plants and flowers along the way. On-the-job learning. Gardening is not second nature to me. When you sit at a desk all day, nature doesn’t come naturally. I’m a computer geek who wants to be a true plant geek…. Read more »

How To Nature: Let’s Talk, Self-Taught And Beginner Gardeners

succulent echeveria

This is a safe space. No judgments. Let’s hear all your gardening questions so we can all get rid of our black thumbs by learning from each other. If you’re any of the following, How To Nature might be for you: You’ve been stuck behind a desk for too long You have a lawn to take care of now You’re a… Read more »